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Why Razor State?

Razor State Consulting (“Razor State”) is the financial accounting, administration, and project management consulting division of Formidium Corp, a global fund administrator based in Chicago, Illinois. We leverage technology and a skilled global workforce to facilitate the operations of your team while maintaining the highest level of service quality and cost efficiency. Our team of highly trained professionals is experienced in the financial accounting and operations of investment managers, as well as early-stage companies, providing services across the corporate accounting and support functions. We offer our services at competitive prices while delivering expertise as a traditional in-house team. We provide back-office support to Management Companies (“ManCo”) and Pre-IPO companies.

If you’re an early-stage company, Razor State:

  • Let's your management team focus on growing the business and developing new revenue streams, instead of being distracted with day-to-day accounting and reporting tasks.
  • Saves you money on hiring in-house staff by providing access to the expertise you need in a more cost-effective way.
  • Gives you the flexibility you’ll need as your company grows and its accounting and reporting needs change through scalable services that adapt to your company's changing needs.
  • Provides value-added services to help you with fundraising, investor relations, and more.

Razor State's experienced professionals will provide the support you need so that you can focus on growth and success while ensuring compliance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Corporate Accounting Support

Management Company Support